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Our Mission

Tech Support

At Click Solved, our mission is to provide top-notch IT services to small businesses. We strive to make technology work for our clients, not against them.

Services We Provide

Here are some of the services we offer.

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Online Schools

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NCS TECH Support

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Online Schools

  • Technical Issues: Troubleshooting computer problems, network connectivity issues, printer malfunctions, and classroom technology (projectors, intelligent boards etc.).
  • Software Support: Assisting with installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of educational software teachers and students use.
  • Password Management: Helping staff reset passwords and manage login credentials.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Support: Providing guidance on using the LMS platform for online learning resources and classroom management tools.
  • Student Device Management: Assisting with troubleshooting issues related to student Chromebooks, tablets, or laptops.

NCS Tech Support

  • General Technical Support: Troubleshooting computer software issues, network connectivity problems, and basic hardware malfunctions.
  • Email and Phone System Support: Helping set up email accounts, manage voicemail, and configure phone extensions.
  • Application Support: This involves assisting employees with installing and using essential business software (accounting software, project management tools, etc.).
  • Security Awareness Training: Providing training modules or guidance on best practices for data security and password management.
  • Remote Access Support: Troubleshooting issues related to accessing company resources while working remotely.


  • Self-Service Knowledge Base: A searchable online resource with articles, FAQs, and tutorials for resolving common issues.
  • Live Chat Support: Real-time online chat with a technician to address concerns quickly.
  • Ticketing System: A system for submitting and tracking support requests electronically.

$99 One time Call

  • A 40-minute call to resolve your immediate technical issues.
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Some of Our Sample Projects

At Health Quest Choices we setup their Patient CRM, backend systems, and handle day to day tech needs

For SweetLife Company we handle Video Storage and process weekly video training sessions for clients.

Companies We've Worked With

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Before Click Solved, our internal IT team was constantly bombarded with basic tech issues, taking away valuable time from strategic projects. Since partnering with Click Solved, their friendly and knowledgeable technicians have become our first line of defense.

– Sarah

As our startup has grown rapidly, our IT needs have become increasingly complex. Click Solved's scalable support model has been a perfect fit.

- Michael

As our business has grown, so has the complexity of our IT infrastructure. We knew we needed a reliable help desk solution to keep everything running smoothly. Click Solved fit the bill perfectly.

- David

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Minimal Lined Tech Support